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Originally Posted by DouglasUrantia View Post
I first visited this crazy dive [The Spotlite] when it was on Vine...the original location. Guys were buying me drinks and I was just a kid then. I may have been in the Navy at that time. It was kind of classy then. The next time I looked for it they had moved west over to Selma St. and Cahuenga. I was in school then and liked to hang out there on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. There were a few guys there who were 'models' for AMG Studio. Jack Renio was one I knew and there were others. A cool guy named Pineapple was the table-bartender. Occasionally at night I would see some minor star from old TV shows. A lot of wealthy older guys would stop by for a drink. I met many people there. Once a fight broke out amongst the competitive 'hustlers'...I went for cover and hid from the bar stools being bounced around. That was a different era for sure.
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Great stories! The Spotlight used to be on Vine?? When? Where?
These posts from a year ago mentioned THE SPOTLITE was originally on Vine Street. D.U. had subsequently posted a photo with an arrow where it was originally located, but the photo link is gone now. (And, apparently at some point it was re-spelled The Spotlight.)

Sorry, I don't remember where this photo came from...anyway, I stumbled across this postcard yesterday, notice the "Spotlite" signage at far left.

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