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So i thought i would pick my fellow forumers brains.

And here we go.

This is personal but its a part of life, or so i am told. Last friday my boss called me in to his office and basically told me that i am being laid off. I have 2 weeks to basically apply for jobs, go on interviews and really do what ever i want. (Granted that is good they are letting me do that, but it doesnt help that its a holiday week and a lot of people are off). In addition i get paid an additional 3 weeks, and they pay out all my PTO (a full month), I was saving it to go to Europe but i dont think thats going to happen anymore. Also they would let me collect umenmployment if i were to apply for it.

Anyhow one thing i have been thinking about is moving. Oringinal i grew up in San Antonio, and i did live in Seattle for a year. The question i am trying to figure out is should i stay in Houston, or just get up and try another city. Now i am pretty much undecided on what to do. I very much like Houston but would like to go to some other place. Either way its fine. If i were to move, i dont want to stay in Texas and going back to San Antonio is not an option. Of the cities i think about are Seattle, Chicago, California (San Diego or San Francisco), i do have a friend who lives in NYC, and so that may be an option as well. I do love Miami but that would just be to much, so yeah no.

I would like the city to have good public transporation for sure and a good night life. As well as a variety of arts, parks, food, and outdoor activites.

I dont have much time, i need to make a decesion a lot sooner or later. I am not really happy about being layed off, but maybe it is for the better, i mean what can you do. Anyhow i am curious to see what you all think.

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