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Originally Posted by gfspeople View Post
I hope they re-landscape the on ramp for the Vine Street Expy directly to the east of the Mormon Tower, because right now both the uncapped Expy and the on ramp seem to suck away any cohesion this tower would provide to that area. Perhaps they could put a sculpture where the two loops split, or make the grassy area into a park separated from the highway. I think if this is successfully done, we could see North Broad making leaps and bounds in next 5 years.
Meh. Much like Logan Circle is today, making 1500 block of Vine a park would just yield a fractured set of smaller "parks" with little-to-no cohesion and wildly variant usage rates. Besides, Logan Square is just two blocks away, and Baldwin Park three. Much better to let those parcels for development instead.
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