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Originally Posted by wburg View Post

Prosperity Corner was located on the ground floor of the Bel-Vue Apartments at 8th and L, across from the Berry Hotel. It was apparently well known for live music.


"Prosperity Corner" first shows up in city phone directories as "Prosperity Corner Sandwich Shop" in 1941, but is gone from directories by1949

"Cotton Club" you also posted which first shows in 1939, but is also gone by 1949.

I wonder if clubs slowed and closed being that World War 2 was over and parting soldiers we not going to clubs as much, maybe?

"Club Ron-Da Voo" first shows in 1953 directory, but is quickly gone by 1956 directory, maybe Sac wasnt ready for Female Impersonators yet LOL

Here is what appears to be "Prosperity Corner" today I believe (Google can error in exact addresses) , still standing. I need to physically go there to verify

And says "Ted Haynes will play your requests on the Solovox".

Wasn't sure what a Solovox was so looked it up and appears to be an early sound effects organ type machines from the 1940s

Seems it had a short life, but was a happening club for a handful of years, wonder what changed?

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