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Originally Posted by trueviking View Post
The CMHR was built at a cost of $3000 per square foot. These buildings will be closer to $200 per square foot. That's 15 times cheaper!

The renderings are completely ridiculous. A full glass hotel? Not only is that not possible in the building code, it could never work economically. Their hotel across the street is a 20 storey stucco box for goodness sake.

The SOPO renderings were much more realistic. And far nicer in my opinion.
$200!? Hells nah... $300+ w/out leaseholds.

Somebody mentioned the Trizec in another post. I hope it was done ironically 'cause this - if it ever gets built - is going to resemble a very similar transaction.

But thank god the definitively worst hotel market in the country is going to be getting a publicly subsidized hotel. You want to keep that playing field level for the existing privately held hotels in the area that are having difficulty staying occupied...
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