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Originally Posted by Stephemento View Post
Does anybody have a plausible explanation as to why Fresno has a higher population than Sacramento? According to Wikipedia, Fresno is about the same size as the city of Sacramento, yet Sacramento trails by almost 10,000-15,000.

Is it because Fresno went on an annexation spree of inhabited areas?
Has Fresno been on a building spree and added more to its population?

At one time, Sacramento (pre-1980ish) had a higher population then Fresno. But after the 1980 census Fresno overtook Sacramento.

Does anybody know how Fresno added to its population then?

Hello everybody, BTW. I'm new to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. I believe you can pack a lot of people into 9 sq miles. Fresno: 105 sq miles, Sacramento: 96 sq miles.
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