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Huntsville's newest High School

Columbia High School rapidly being readied for the first day of school next week. Even thoug vandals have broken in twice,
stupid punks. It is a beautiful facility located on the edge of Research Park

The $22 million school, named in honor of the space shuttle Columbia, is spread over 131,000 square feet. There is an isolated choral room. The blue bleachers of the main gym will seat 1,600. The practice gym across the hall seats 350.

Crimson drywall can be spotted here and there. The classrooms, most ringed by white block walls, carry the color scheme. Only the cafeteria's waxed floor interrupts with a checkerboard design of gold and white.

From outside, the rounded library walls are probably the school's most distinctive architectural feature.

Offering a sense of space, the ceiling of the library rises two stories. Overhead, poking through the turret's rounded walls, 24 double-pane windows allow the sun from all angles to light up the bookshelves.
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