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Not the greatest photo as it's digitally zoomed on my cell phone but I noticed something the other day:

With the evaporation towers on the roof of 1 WTC, and a low dew point, the roof pumps out a cloud of steam, which is enough to at times envelop the communications rings and the base of the spire.

I know it's a small point, but it did have an ominous similarity to the smoke pouring from the World Trade Centers on 9/11.

The original towers didn't have evaporation towers on the roof of the buildings, opting instead to pipe the hot return water back underground to the chiller plant (to be diluted into the Hudson's cold water).

I'm surprised no one raised any concerns over placing massive cooling towers on the roof. I think less than half of the buildings HVAC system was operating when I took this picture, as only Conde Nast's occupied floors would be really demanding climate control. Fully occupied, there might be a lot of winter steam billowing out up there.
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