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Hmmm, that's a bit of a stretch. In 2008-2010, Flaherty chaired a number of federal-provincial meetings to address CPP expansion including both mandatory and voluntary increases. The positions amongst the provinces were mixed (some favoured voluntary, same mandatory, some no change) and the Conbots nixed it on many ideological positions (though that didn't stop Oliver from proposing it later) but the federal Libbies always supported it. The Ont Libbies then proposed it as part of their election platform, won and started to implement it. The Federal Libbies always said they were going to introduce it so when they did I don't think you can say it was due to Ont Libbies leading the way. There are many debates in Hansard with the Federal Libbies arguing for this well before the Ont Libbies took the mantle.

Now if QC, BC or some other province adopted it, or the Federal Libbies only got interested after ON did it, I think it would qualify, but as is, i think it's a stretch to say "Ontario led the charge". Hell if anyone led the charge it was the CLC which "convinced most" of the provinces at the 2010 meeting on pension reform to get on board and push the expansion to the Feds.

Added a link to Iggie's proposals from 2011 - well before the OLP announced ORIP:

Wynne didn't propose her plan until 2014
I recall there being talk here in Alberta when Ed Stelmach first became Premier so 2007 or 2008 about reforming Alberta Pensions including opting out of the CPP and creating an APP. For Alberta residents this would cut our payments by 20% due to a younger population than the rest of Canada so why not opt out of the CPP which needed to be reformed. Alberta did end up creating AIMCO but with the talk of opting out of CPP and increasing everyone elses premiums talk started on the federal level which again would be before the Ontario liberals.
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