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Originally Posted by Marty_Mcfly View Post
While our half hour time zone is silly, St. Pierre really are the ones who need to get their shit together. They really don't belong ahead of us; either they join our time zone or we join theirs. Being 90 minutes ahead of Halifax would really throw off our night/day cycle; 10 pm sunset on the solstice is a bit extreme for our latitude.

Actually, now I see that on the solstice the difference between our sunset and the sunset in Halifax is only 1 minute. Maybe our half hour time zone is actually useful. Get it together, St. Pierre, join the master race time zone.
The St. Pierre time zone is an hour later than it should be because it brings them closer in time to France, so it's a matter of convenience I expect. However, both NL and SPM are squarely within the geographic zone of Atlantic time, so there is really no need for any such nonsense to exist.
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