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Originally Posted by pdxtex View Post
^^^^that's nutty. hurricanes are scary as $%^& I bet. I read some article about high rise hurricane technology in Miami. they talked about all of the improvements they've made over the years. like not having building electrical stuff in the basement (good idea), not having rocks on the roof for insulations or whatever they have rocks on roof for (turn into glass breaking missles), oh and impact glass. how tons of old condos aren't retrofitted with it.
There's also been an increased focus on restoring dunes between structures and the waterline. My family has a condo in Panama City Beach and after 2005, the entire city embarked on a dune restoration project. Slowly, but surely, the dunes are building up. They mitigate erosion and help dampen the severity of storm surge (of course, the destruction of coastal wetlands has enormously contributed to the ability of storm surge to damage built up environments).

Even though Hurricane Ivan cause a lot of damage along Alabama's Gulf coast, the existing dunes served as buffers and provided a lot of protection damage that could have been a lot worse. This in stark contrast to the Mississippi coast during Katrina where all of the beaches are man-made and no natural dunes are present
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