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my favorite part of the meeting was seeing the "December 2006" railyards plan. I never saw this released on any websites, and with good reason it probably wasn't made too public. there were the most ridiculous cul-de-sacs placed at the end of each of the numbered streets. it must have been some sort of inside joke.

and there were quite a few details presented there, that are relatively new. just no bombshells like an arena or a walmart. this is the first time i''ve seen traffic directions, sidewalk details, bike lane plans, amongst others. I also caught an interesting bit about connecting Alkali Flats via 10th Street with a pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

i spoke to the city's urban design manager, Bill Crouch, about the concern of homogenous buildings, considering there is only going to be one developer working these 250 acres. i was also assured that there would be many different architects working on this project in various phases, so the possibility of everything looking the same would be reduced to current trends in architecture. Much the same as the way the city was originally built, i suppose.
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