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Originally Posted by jd3189 View Post
What needs to happen is more density in the outer suburbs of the city and increased transit . NYC also needs to develop as well, since the outer boroughs face the same problems the New Jersey region face. This would actually help the city in a global economic standpoint because it would have many financial districts to fall back on. But this can only work if the metro area continues to experience high growth. Manhattan is great and all,but it doesn't need to be the only powerhouse in Greater New York. There is great potential to make the whole region in that fashion.
The Inner ring Westchester and Northern NJ suburbs have redeveloped densely around train stations over the past 20 years. Recently Urban Jersey & Westchester , CT have been playing catch up to there dense suburban neighbors... Theres still alot of work to do , but you can finally sense change in the air. As for the Outer boroughs , Staten Island is more suburban then Neighboring Union and Hudson Counties which are dense Suburban / Urban ,there seems to be little effort to make them dense. Same with Urban Renewal in Eastern Queens and Southern Brooklyn , its slow... The South Bronx has recently started cleaning , maybe thats a sign of the poorer areas of this region changing?
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