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Originally Posted by k1052 View Post
I have no preference on if the a hypothetical 7 extension serves Secaucus or the Hoboken terminal, If one costs less than the other I'd be in favor of that alternative. The trains don't have to turn at SJ since they can just continue on to the Hoboken terminal and be turned there as usual.

PATH capacity is about 240K and will go up to 290K once the signal project is done. I'll repeat this again...past that the PA hasn't even hinted that they have any interest in doing major construction to PATH to raise capacity (longer stations/trains).

Trying to strangle commuting into NYC in order to promote companies doing business in NJ is certifiable in light of what the ESA is going to do to commuting patterns and the overall competitiveness of regions served by MNRR and LIRR who will have more and faster access to the core of the metro.

Oh boi....where to begin....

I never said the Hoboken bound trains had any issues , I said the NEC trains can't turn around.... The Commute into the City would be a 2 seat ride which is unpopular in this region , it would also add 20-30 mins onto the journey...

The PATH Capacity is 250k , will go up to 290-350k , although no one knows the actually truth and seeing how the PA lies or skews facts i'm willing to place capacity increases higher. The PA just got sued by a few people and is under a huge amount of pressure to ADA there Harrison station and Grove Street which was rebuilt in 2007 and not ADA'd. They've promised to redo both by 2020...of course they've been saying that since 2000. The PA is under alot of pressure to clean up there act ,so i do see it finally getting done. There currently replacing the walls of the Hoboken , Newport and Exchange Place PATH , and relocating the Newport substation....along with the signal upgrades...

I never said to strangle commuting into NY , but if where going to prioritize our Cross Hudson Projects we should build something that should serve the whole Northeastern US , not a tiny slice of Urban Jersey. The MNRR is more competitive and better run then the LIRR , its on the same level as NJT....both systems need capacity increases and system expansions....and the Gateway would allow this....
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