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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I wrote up a big long post that turned into a rant, and I didn't want to go there... again...

But in any case, here are the revenues for the Canadian NHL teams (millions):

Toronto: 193
Montreal: 165
Vancouver: 146
Calgary: 105
Edmonton: 96
Ottawa: 100
Winnipeg: 71

and for comparison... the lowest team, the Islanders: 63

The Riders had revenues of ~$38 million last year (this years figures will be released in June, and will probably be a little lower).

So considering the much lower attendence revenue posibilities and the much lower broadcasting contract, that's not as far as you thought it would be is it? Add to that, that the Riders, due to their non-profit community ownership status, no one rich owner profits from these revenues. Everything must be reinvested either into the organization, the facility, game-day experience, or the community (which the Riders have been doing quite a bit of over the last couple years when profits started to spike; this can be seen by the large uptick in community football programs throughout the province).

And considering that TSN's TV contract (although fairly appropriate at the time) looks like a steal of a deal now, so the new contract will probably have a fair increase, so revenues will be on the rise from the league.

So is the justification all that hard to make? Especially if a good facility can be formatted to properly perform the function of an arena in terms of concert/event possibilities. (Yes... I'm still pushing for a multi-purpose facility... after living my whole life here, I want to see us take a decided step forward instead of just toeing the line and going for the cheapest available alternative).

And from your comment it seems like you're not from here (sorry if I'm making a wrong assumption, you don't have a location listed so it's hard to tell). If that's the case though, where are you from? and why are you taking such a vested interest in the project here? (I'm not meaning to be confrontational/butt-out type attitude, just more curiosity).

And well... that turned into a long post anyway.
I live in Toronto now for school but grew up in Regina. I'm very much a Regina boy as you. I get your arguments but again that number is still peanuts. The issue is not how much the Riders can and will make. My stance is that the CFLs revenue streams don't justify the public expenses we must put in towards a facility. At least in Quebec they could go to court to set a deal that would at fill a good chunk of the 30 million per year the tax payers must pay. This opportunity does not exist in the CFL and facility makeup would be unable to bridge that gap.

This is why I am more loose on Quebec because an NHL rink makes marginally more business sense. The arena will turn profits each year which the Govt can wrestle a piece of. It is not a sink like a football facility - dome or not - the opportunities and revenue potentials are night and day. The top 10 grossing sports faculties in North America are all Arenas aside from Yankee Stadium.

The Quebec example will expose us to the harsh realities of costs and the sheer size of public investments we must make for zero ROI. Again this is hockey and Quebec is nuts but even with the deficits in the Province. The City and province trump us in scope in their ability to take on a 400million project such as this (even though are books are in better shape - debt is debt - Quebec has 8-10 million to absorb it).

Quebec City with 500k vs Regina with 200k asking to take on roughly the same amount of debt. Which seems more plausible ?
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