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So let me get this straight. The company wins a multibillion dollar contract, 30 billion to be exact. And then the nova Scotia government decides to chip in another 300,000,000 for upgrades to an already existing company that has been turning out huge profits for years and I am sure they will be able to cover the costs of the upgrades themselves with their new $30,000,000,000 contract, but hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they don't have $20,000,000 to throw the city of Halifax two words a new stadium.

Smells like bull shit to me, fuck the irving's and Darryl Dexter as well.
Now don't get me wrong, I am all for the shipbuilding contract and I'm very proud that it has been awarded to my hometown and I'm sure it will be a huge boost the local economy, but come on you're telling me that they cant afford to move forward with this themselves. I don't buy that for one second.
And then there is Sterile Dexter with yet another boneheaded move it is nothing less than shortsighted and surely for his own benefit down the road. Maybe it's time for Mr. Dexter to take a drive past the grassy knoll or the book depository.

Needless to say I don't agree with this at all
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