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Originally Posted by scooby074 View Post
But why the hell are we giving a billion dollar company, 300 million to improve their facilities? That should be a cost of doing business.

That 300 million could go a damn long way in this province. Like twinning the TCH ... paying for a new Yarmouth ferry.. paying down the debt.. etc..etc..

Stupid Dexter.
For the same reason we keep subsidising any oil companies and large corporations, of which have been experiencing their highest profits in over 60 years, and especially in the United States have been hording vast amounts of money.

Whether its direct transfer payments or tax breaks, neither of which taxpayers can afford, we subsidise big businesses as though they were once again kingships. The politicians are simply the enabling aristocratic 'Lords', supporting a particular CEO whom supports them in return. Since competing countries (such as China) are very willing to go to the extreme with subsidies for big buisnesses from the money saved by not investing in social programmes for lower-income people, it leaves countries such as Canada in a difficult position. Do we further sacrifice our social net and human rights so that we may be graced with jobs from rich, international corporations?

Our business dealings, especially globally, are quite medieval. It's like a game of thrones, with so many poor, cocky fools as fodder.
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