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Originally Posted by Scraperdude801 View Post
still hoping Becker is successful in convincing the UTA to resurrect the old route of the University Line from DT to the University with no transfers. It's a real pain to have to transfer at the Courthouse and wait another 10 minutes just so you can travel a couple stops eastward. The addition of the new lines, and the resulting reconfiguration of the transfer stops, has acted like a punishment to those of us who actually live in the city.
I agree that they need to resurrect the University Line posthaste (give it a color-coded name for the sake of consistency), but there are various bus routes that connect the two areas. The 228 and the 455 run right on 400 South to the University of Utah; others run on 11th Avenue, 6th Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 1st South and 2nd South. There's even an express bus during the mornings that connects Central Station to the U.

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