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Looks nice! I would also recommend Old Town Alexandria and Capitol Hill(the actual neighborhood, not government land) for both architecture and food

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Additionally, I'm not accusing anyone of anything and we're glad to have all the tourists here in DC, but as tourist season is upon us in our nation's capital, if you ride metro, remember to stand on the right of the escalators. Thank you very much.
A few ranty things to add here: Feel free to ignore, locals.

Not directed at anyone in particular, but tourists in general...

Also about Metro: PLEASE don't spend an eternity figuring out the farecard machines! They are simple- you put the money in, if its too much, press the down arrow. Press the big button. Remove farecard and your change. This is directed at you, stupid tourist in front of me yesterday. You made me miss two trains waiting for you!
And don't cluster around the escalators on the platform- you block the flow of people and the cars farthest from the escalators are usually the least crowded.

Furthermore: Know where you're going. Also downtown yesterday- a very old and frail-looking couple saying they will walk from a restaurant in Capitol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial. That's over 5 miles of walking...
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