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While I am sort of intriqued by your idea, I'm not sold on it yet. If I recall correctly, yellow is residential, blue is commercial, orange is retail. What is pink.

I do think that Sandy needs a little more commercial than you have on your map. Here's a concept I came up with a few years ago creating a Main St for Sandy.

I think the colors are as follows:
Red line defines "Downtown Sandy"
Purple and Yellow or vehicle access routes.
Bllue is Trax and FrontRunner, with a circulator Trolley sytem. I'm not sure I like the idea of the circulator using 106th any more though, to busy. I would rather have the circulator just use 100th S under I-15, and connected to "Main St"
I also created/extended the street grid and connected to the South towne intersection on 106th. I didn't however come up with uses yet.

I do think a gondolla would be sort of cool though. Imagine it running all the way down "Main St Sandy" to a stop near 106th.

If I'm bored at some point this weekend, maybe I'll play with some usage ideas, and redo the map.
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