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Originally Posted by xseven View Post
"Downtown Sandy" has had over fifteen years to establish itself as a downtown.

Please, never use that term again.

I'm being politely realistic, the Trolly street car you propositioned along 10000 south into South Towne Center would not be viable. Residents in the south end of the valley LOVE THEIR CARS and I cannot vision a mass-transit option in that area.

Sounds like a very similar argument that the light rail opponents continued to raise when UTA was attempting to get a tax increase to build Trax. As Country Lemonade pointed out, its main purpose would be to connect people from regional rail (FR) to more local rail (Trax). It could also benefit South Towne Center, if it incorporates a connection to the mall, reducing traffic in the area, or at least not increase traffic as the population continues to grow. Plus if Sandy does develop its downtown, including residential, it will attract those that desire an urban setting, but not a big city setting. A street car will help to attract that type of individual because it connects them to mass transit options.

The easiest way to test the success of a permanent system is to provide a somewhat inexpensive system, free to the rider that connects the three major points; FrontRunner, South Towne Center, and Trax with a few stops in between, (city hall, target). Have retailers, businesses and other organizations sponsor it on a rotating basis. (South Towne, Target, Sandy City, and maybe some of the businesses out in that City Hall area)

This is an image of the "Trolley" that ran two separate routes in Downtown Cleveland, The E line (entertainment) and the B line (business), they were paid for by local retailers and organizations and operated by the transit authority. They are free to ride.

Transit isn't always about what the current trends are, but building for the future.

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