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Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
I just don't see this as the prime contender for HQ2 for reasons we have discussed before at length. But if we insist on this being such, then Rahm can pull a Daley and steamroll the Alderman in order to get the votes he needs to push this through.

How badly he pushes for this would be a good indicator of whether he sees this as a fitting site for Amazon and whether Amazon takes interest in it.
Personally I think that the OPO is the best option for HQ2, but its not going to be what Rahm, you or I think is the best site. Bezos is going to choose in the end. Its much better to offer him multiple excellent sites in the city, instead of putting all our eggs in one basket.

Get the property into the hands of a seasoned developer that knows whats at stake and knows how not to fumble a development of this scale. The rest is then up to forces outside our control.
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