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Originally Posted by IMBY View Post
One of the worst for Nimby's in the LA area??????? That surprises me, having spent a night there in the downtown area a couple years ago.

I always thought the top honor for Nimby's was Santa Monica, which hasn't seen a new high rise since 1970!
What's surprising ? a few years ago, Long Beach was completely dead with near zero construction and activity going on.

This year is actually way more active. BUT. all of the new projects (minus the new civic center) have been tweaked and downsized based off of nimby demands. A few of the 7 story buildings were once proposed as high rises until nimbys blocked a lot of them and demanded more parking in the process. They also have a history of going door to door harassing residences in the downtown area. One tried to get me to sign a frivolous and ridiculous petition to "Block all new high rises". Santa Monica will probably always be nimby central for LA but Long Beach isn't far behind. I will say however, the problem isn't as bad as it once was.
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