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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
Those answers raise more red flags:

(1) Transfer penalties are much more significant with commuter rail than other modes, and get even more significant the further from the core you are. How would the transfer be managed? Even more importantly, has there been any consideration whatsoever to any sort of solution that doesn't negatively affect the Mascouche Line's ridership? The media articles seem to ignore this as an issue altogether.

(2) If not via the Victoria Bridge, how on earth do you intend to cross the St. Lawrence?

So far, this looks to me like a heavily greenwashed proposal rather than something that actually positively affects Montréal.
(1) The Mascouche Line might be converted to REM in a later phase, but we don't know the transfer details yet.

(2) There is a $4.2B new Champlain bridge currently under construction. The tracks will be in the middle of the bridge:

Don't underestimate the impact or planning of this project. Most details have been studied by the Caisse, they're just not out to the public yet. They have experience in infrastructure investment and a good crew of transportation specialists from the city (notably, Richard Bergeron).
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