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Originally Posted by hammersklavier View Post
I am aware of the Caisse's experience in transportation investment. Canada having as prolific a mass-transit investor as them is one of the reasons Canadian mass transit is often well ahead of its American counterparts.

However, that said ...

I don't think the Docklands is the project Caisse should be looking at. Rather, the layout of the Mt. Royal Tunnel makes it far more useful to develop an RER-like system in the city and suburbs. Recall Deux-Montagnes is a longstanding and successful commuter line, serving 31,000 riders a day. The system will need to be compatible with the existing network; replacing electrification systems is so expensive I don't think anybody's ever done it at scale.

Given that Mascouche already has dual-mode locomotives that can run under the existing electrification network, I am dubious about kicking it out of the Mt. Royal Tunnel as well. The main issue seems to be one of compatibility for their new-build routes (i.e. the ones to the airport and Brossard), which they don't want to invest as much into. Given that Deux-Montagnes already has decently-performing EMUs, I think the network would optimally just use designs derived from them; is tunnel capacity really such an issue you'd rather kick Mascouche trains out?
Regarding tunnel capacity and that particular rail line, they won't want heavy AMT trains running with REM trains as it these AMT trains are much slower and that would create a capacity issue (the tunnel only has two tracks).

I'm sure with the environmental assessment study we'll get more details in the coming months.
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