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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
There seems to be two different conceptions of what constitutes the Upper Midwest.

The more common one seems to be centered in Minnesota and is characterized by its large Scandinavian/German and Lutheran presence

The other definition seems to be defined by Yankee culture and lakes.

Pretty much every definition I think includes Minnesota and Wisconsin. The "Yankees and lakes" definition obviously takes in Michigan, while the "Greater Minnesota" one would take in the Dakotas and perhaps Iowa.
Minnesota, Wisconsin the UP and dakotas

Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska Iowa, Missouri Kansas Are Cote Midwest

Michigan, Ohio, parts of Pennsylvania and maybe even some upstate New York are the “rust belt” Midwest

There is some debate weather Oklahoma northern Texas and Arkansas are Midwest but to me they are really not, they are too southern and too Texan to be like the Midwest
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