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Originally Posted by jtrent77 View Post
I think a location on West Temple, 100S or 200S would likely be better anyway. While the mentioned location is currently only a parking lot, and it is across the street from part of the Salt Palace, it isn't near any of the major entrances to the Salt Palace. Furthermore, I think it would be more beneficial to the city to have the hotels nearer to commercial areas which are all located closer to 1st and 2nd South.
It seems to me that 200 South could really benefit from a convention hotel being built at the intersection of 200 South and 200 West (on the Royal Wood Plaza (Post Office) site) connecting the east and west sides of downtown, south of the convention center. It would be equidistant between City Creek Center and the Gateway, giving those two retail centers a fair share of business from convention goers. That site is also along the proposed streetcar line...