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In a way I agree with this. Even with the attempt to create a secondary downtown (Domain v. Buckhead) or with a world-class event (Olympics v. F1), but we also have failed in ways where Atlanta excelled: mass transit.
Interesting comparisons, and without a doubt their transit system is leaps and bounds ahead of ours. I believe its MARFA,,,its one of the best in the country.

I haven't seen the Imagine Austin report yet, but my neighborhood is extremely opposed to it because it encourages density along Burnet Rd. I just don't get it. Density along major thoroughfares is a good thing!
Well it just shows the intelligence of these kinds of people, they complain first and foremost about traffic increasing. Don't they realize that by putting the people right there on the main street means they will NOT be in their neighborhoods...especially true with burnet. Try and get on a public forum blog or keep in contact with these kinds of people to educate them on the basics. You can always get them by rubbing their fake "green" noses in it by asking them if they are environmentalists,,,or just green to be catchy???And living here they basically have to say yes. Then simply ask them where they plan on putting all the people that are moving here...if the answer is sprawl then he is talking about taking out big chunks of the ENVIRONMENT for crap!!!!
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