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Originally Posted by brickell View Post
Are you really rationalizing Atlanta by saying the beach is 6 hours away? I'm not taking anything away from Atlanta, but we're talking about walking out your door, into the boat and 15 minutes to direct ocean access, not a day at the beach.
I think panhandle beaches are actually more like 5 hours away, and the Georgia coast/Jacksonville is closer...but I didn't think anyone was "rationalizing" Atlanta, just making a statement about its proximity to beaches. Whether a couple of hours in the car is near or far is relative...if you live in Nebraska you might think that drive is nothing and Atlanta is next to the ocean. It's great that youcan be on the ocean in 15 minutes, but apparently that isn't important to everyone in the world because many, many, many humans live inland. I can be in the Appalachian Mountains in 30 minutes, how long does it take you to get there?
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