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"On the surface it might seem like it's no big deal: one 49-story tower," said Brooklyn Heights resident Allan Rosen, adding, "But the skyline of Downtown Brooklyn could end up looking like that of Hong Kong or Dubai.
Might be exaggerating a bit lol... but hell, if DoBro's skyline starts to look like Hong Kong, more power to the city!

Although on a tangent, but... NYC with DoBro, LIC, and the Gold Coast, with two rivers and developments springing up on all sides, a Hong Kong like effect is somewhat occurring. Manhattan is no longer the skyscraper borough. Brooklyn is growing, and Queens is shooting up like bamboo.

I hope this 600 ft. At 49 floors, 120k sq ft of rights, small parcel, yeah, it very well may be. Like 580 ish with mechanical, 600 ft. That's my prediction.
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