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-Columbus, OH to anywhere. (The Ohio 3C Route could have solved this, but Kasich sent the funds back to DC)
-Louisville, KY to anywhere.
-Nashville, TN to anywhere.
-Fort Wayne, IN to anywhere.
-Madison, WI to Milwaukee (Scott Walker handed $810 million back to the feds that would have done this.)
-Toledo to Detroit (Which would also permit trains from the east to connect with Detroit)
-Re-establish the National Limited - Kansas City-St. Louis-Terre Haute-Indianapolis-Dayton-Columbus-Pittsburgh-Philadelphia-New York. (Lots of abandoned/missing track)
-Looking at an Illinois route that the state could start - Moline-Galesburg-Peoria-Bloomington/Normal-Champaign/Urbana-Danville. But only after they get Chicago-Moline and Chicago-Rockford going first.

Plus there are city pairs that are served, just not very well. Chicago-Cincinnati connects only three times a week. Cities served by the Sunset Limited get only 3 round trips a week as well. Plus the segment from New Orleans to Orlando was never re-established after Hurricane Katrina.

Cleveland gets the Capitol Limited and the Lake Shore Limited daily, but they both hit town in the middle of the night. Same goes for Cincinnati and the thrice-a-week Cardinal.
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