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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
Lovely Northeastern North American Victorian commercial architecture with a Halifax flavor!

(Not that I can put my finger exactly on any specific trait like 5-sided dormer bay windows... I'm not that familiar with Halifax's styles)
The stuff that is more unique to Halifax (within a North American context, or sometimes globally if it was a mix of European styles with NA materials) is from around 1750-1860. Later on, American styles became more popular. The building with the white upper level was built in 1820 but had extra ornamentation added in the Victorian era. The two on either side are probably from around the 1870's and then the two on the far left are from 1890-1910.

The fact that there's moss growing on the buildings is I suppose somewhat local flavour too. That happens here in Vancouver as well, but there aren't a lot of old buildings here.

Here's another picture I took:

Another one restored 1-2 years ago:

This one's a stretch to include but I think it's a gem:

Not sure if it's new or if I simply never noticed before, but it's got a City of London heritage plaque. I don't know what the story behind that is.

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