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Like, how are you going to call yourself a developer pushing a huge project for as long as they've been pushing this one, and then try to win a tax credit you didn't even technically apply for? I hadn't even imagined this could happen as it'd never have crossed my mind. this is just basic developer stuff.

If there is any good news it's that Center City District across the street seems to have no hit any major roadblocks. The next step on that project is the September 26 meeting of the Michigan Strategic Fund. I hope to get to the point in the region's development where these tax credits and incentives aren't an absolute must to make these projects viable. Developers will still apply for them, but hopefully there will be a time they'll have a Plan B as it relates to financing if these grants and credits fall apart for a project.

Anyway, prep work for Center City District should start next month if they if they get their last piece of public financing from the Michigan Strategic fund next week. It also seems that the developers for Park District/100 Grand will still start demolition on the existing properties on the site as I believe the development agreement with the city requires them to do that, anyway.

In other development news, it appears that the masonry is going up on the Marketplace expansion. Never realized how good the views are from the place:

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Where the trees are the right height
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