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It's not the city's fault. The city has wanted that area opened up forever. It's so easy to see that the state parking lots need to be consolidated into a few parking garages. But if the state sees no problem with the current set-up - and that's particularly true with a Republican state administration - these aren't for sale. The city can't make the state sell their own property. And, I imagine it'd take a helluva offer to even get them to consider to sell. More than that, developers hate spending money acquiring land to begin with. It's why so many developments have been developed on city land where the city has basically handed over a lot to a developer (Stadium District, Marketplace, the Outfield, etc...).

It's obvious to us, but this isn't even on the state's radar. They see no problem with their parking operations in downtown Lansing.

I should say another big problem are downtown landlords with no recent culture of urban development who have essentially had speculators. The Eydes - who finally redevelop the Knapps Centre some years back - have been sitting on blocks of land on the west end of downtown since at least 2000, land that could be easily developed. They essentially own everything in between Kalamazoo and Allegan in between MLK and Butler. The Grangers own the old building at the corner of Allegan and Grand that's been vacant for years. They tried to demolish the building a few years ago without any plan for the site once cleared, but the city managed to stop them precisely because of that. There are so many parcels key parcels tied up with land owners who have no desire or intent to develop them.
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