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If you believe the 5/6 interchange is being built to service retail development in that area, you clearly lack a basic understanding of this topic. The Highway 6 improvements have been on the books for years--back before there was even a Tim Hortons at Clappison's Corners...let alone anything else. The Highway 6 corridor carries a significant amount of regional and inter-urban traffic, as well as being a primary link between Highways 401 and 403.

As someone who grew up in Flamborough, I can attest to numerous severe (sadly, many fatal) collisions which have occured in that immediate area--the grade separation is being built to safely keep traffic and commerce moving, not to feed commercial development in the immediate area. Frankly, the redesigned interchange will limit access to many of the establishments in the area, not improve it. In the future you may consider supporting your arguments in a more tangible way, as opposed to relying on a reality invented to support your agenda.
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