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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
You'll have to learn that it's a living and thriving city. Buildings that aren't getting the best possible use (for both the site and the building) sometimes make way for better purposes. This site sits directly accross the street from Grand Central. In no sense should the city leave them standing because they're old, and nothing old should be touched. Nothing would ever get done, and they would be charing admission to enter "Manhattan, a museum of the City that was".
The problem with that is that quite a few of the most livable and beautiful cities in the world have preserved their old buildings. There's a reason why Paris is generally deemed more aesthetically attractive than Hong Kong. Remember, there's more to a buidling than just it's height...

While I'm all for modern skyscrapers, it would be nice see this building built somewhere else in the city. In any case, I don't think present market conditions will fuel demand for another mega skyscraper anytime soon. Right now, it just seems like a very grandiose pipe dream.
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