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^^On the other side of the coin, it's frustrating when some of these large ornate buildings are demolished when in neighborhoods like this especially, the quality of replacements is (A) not very good (not talking about hudson yards, but virtually every new development in hells kitchen), and (b) there is a gluttony of open space in this part of town.

As for other established neighborhoods it varies. Park Avenue in the 50s has lost nearly all of its prewar office buildings, which is why a building like the Drake is harder to see torn down. Likewise when a row of town homes on the upper east side comes down, I don't think theres reason to weep.

The key's context, just because manhattan as a whole has many prewar buildings doesn't mean its a blanket condition across all neighborhoods, and not all pre-war buildings are created equal. A warehouse in the meatpacking district should not be seen as equal to a madison avenue hotel (however often times this doesn't feel like the case).
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