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An interesting article about development in Collegetown area, from the Ithaca Voice:

Developer John Novarr says building spurt unlikely to change high rent prices

This column was written by Brian Crandall, who runs “Ithacating in Cornell Heights.”

Ithaca, N.Y. — When it comes to development news in Ithaca, John Novarr’s name inevitably comes up. As one of the largest property owners in Ithaca (worth $43 million, and growing), he and his company, Novarr-Mackesey Properties, have an indelible presence on the local rental market.

To be honest, an interview hadn’t been planned. It was a chance email asking about the planned time frame of construction of Collegetown Terrace Phase III that led to a phone interview with one of Ithaca’s most prominent developers.

Here's the entire article:

Good Stuff

Mr. Novarr's projects include item #12 in the original post and the project described in the thread post #13 article.
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