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Originally Posted by wierdaaron View Post
Yeah, 696 feet came from a good source.

That puts it shorter than River Point and 150 N Riverside, but taller than any residential building under construction now.

I don't doubt for a second that the 696' figure is that actual working height of the current design here. In the video on Tishman's website, you can clearly see that some of the shots from inside the rendered very high floor interior looking out over the cityscape are clearly showing a view from over 700' up (look at the angle looking down on 155 N Wacker, look at how it looks down over the way to 77 W Wacker....and mind you, this is from an actual occupied office floor, not from the top of the parapet or anything.....

....However, that doesn' mean a whole lot, they could have the vantage point off - its just a rendering....there's no law that says the height implied needs to be realistic, or it could be very realistic, and the height of the working design when the video was made earlier this year could have been taller. At the end of the day, the actual planned heights of these towers are in flux in the months before construction begins/financing package wrapped (150 Riverside, RiverPoint, 151 N Franklin), and as we know even in the months after construction begins (150 Riverside at minimum)............
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