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CAMBRIDGE | Volpe Center Redevelopment | FT | FLOORS |

So many Volpe unknowns, but councillors prioritize housing, open space (and tower)
By Marc Levy
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Landmark tower

One way to put more onto a site constrained by a large park: build higher around it.

Councillor Leland Cheung’s suggestion to build high also painted a tower as a way to ensure people around the world better identified Cambridge and Kendall Square as distinct from Boston.

“If there’s ever been a site in Cambridge for a tall building that says ‘That’s where Cambridge is,’ I think this is it. [The John Hancock Tower] is 800-and-something feet tall? Let’s go over 1,000,” Cheung said, “and say this is where Cambridge is, this is the heart of innovation in Massachusetts.”

Other councillors didn’t seem entirely sure how serious Cheung was, with Kelley saying 1,000 feet was too high but Mayor David Maher acknowledging that “if there’s a place for height in this city, this is probably the place.”

It's probably a bit early to make this thread, but eventually there will be a significant development here.
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