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Sounds like this one is dead..

The City of Regina is looking for a contractor to fill the Capital Pointe hole at the corner of Victoria and Albert, a job it wants done by November.

Details of the plan to backfill the site are contained in a request for proposals (RFP) posted Tuesday to the province's buying and selling website.

The documents outline the history of Capital Pointe — a proposed 27-storey luxury hotel and condo tower being developed Fortress Real Developments, which took over the project in 2014.

Earlier this year, the city threatened it would issue a legal order to fill the hole if the developer failed to signal it would resume work on the project by March 30.

When that deadline passed, the city did just that. The developer then filed an appeal. A hearing date for the appeal was tentatively set for July 24.

"While the appeal of the order is ongoing, the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Appeal Board declined to grant the owner a stay of the order. The City, therefore, continues to have legal authority to proceed with the work," reads an email statement the city sent to CBC News on Tuesday.

"The City will not be commenting further on either the request for proposals or the appeal which are part of the ongoing legal process."

The RFP says the city wants to have a contractor hired in August, with the backfilling completed by October 31.