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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
Does Calgary have water meters? If not then that would be an obvious first step.

Over the years, I've noticed a significant difference in behavior between Quebec (where water is free and people use needlessly crazy high volumes) and Florida and France (where there are water meters and people pay attention to their consumption).

The kind of system you describe in Calgary has existed in my area of FL for as long as I can remember - there's the potable water line (metered) and there's also a non-potable water line (non-metered, IIRC) which is optional (not all properties have it; if you want one you pay the installation fee, and there might be a token yearly fee too, not sure) and people use it to water the lawn, etc.
I've never run into a property in BC or Alberta that was connected to a domestic water utility that did not have a meter. People who are connected to community water systems or who are on wells obviously don't have meters

You can however get a second meter installed if you use domestic water strictly for an exceptional use (such as irrigation, for a swimming pool or flooding a hockey rink) where the water used won't need to be treated as wastewater, and the water treatment charges will be omitted from the bill from that meter. It's almost more work than it's worth though, Only really helpful for larger users
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