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Originally Posted by Eau Claire View Post
Some articles I was reading over the weekend. So much progress being made! These are exciting times.

SMR related:
Saskatchewan giving early consideration for small nuclear reactors
Comment: They don’t seem to understand the technology very well but the good thing is they’re starting to look into it. Sask would be a good fit for both the small and micro reactors, the latter of which would be used mainly up north.

Small nuclear reactors could make Alberta's oilsands cleaner, industry experts suggest
Comment: Unfortunately this article is all too typical of today’s CBC. Terrible fact checking. The smallest reactors will fit into a shipping container, not a school gym. And lots of spin and false comparisons, the fake news element here is high. Today's CBC is not your grandparents’ CBC. But they do seem to be the only ones reporting this as of now.
There are approximately 150 Small Modular Reactor designs world wide.
For Saskatchewan to be a leader in this technology, the province will have to work more closely with America and The UK, the countries that seem to have to the most concrete plans for getting this technology viable.

Even though Saskatchewan being a world leader in Uranium mining, the province would undoubtedly have to import a new nuclear fuel source.
Russia currently has one of the only consumer market SMRs in use in the world, but will soon to be decommissioned this year.

SaskPower's research into Carbon Capture has been expensive but second generation technology being developed, though less expensive, could mean more retrofitting of The Shand Power plant near Estevan, Sask.

SaskPower continues with lowering emissions with National Gas power generation such as Chinook Power Station being built near Swift Current, Sask.

Saskatchewan plans to have 20% of provincial power production by it's wind farms 1000+ turbines within 10 years.
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