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Maybe they could put the Block 37 mall out of its misery and convert it to a casino.

Originally Posted by SIGSEGV View Post

Chicago’s first casino still might end up downtown, says Lightfoot

The five neighborhood sites shortlisted by the mayor do not represent the city’s definitive list


Personally, I think a good location might be the Mercy Hospital parking lots.
“I’m not saying that a downtown site is off the board,” said Lightfoot after a Thursday press conference about the current heatwave. “There are some concerns, I think, with a downtown site, and we wanted to avoid that in this first instance,” the mayor explained.

When pressed about specific issues, the mayor said that her office heard concerns that a downtown location could ultimately detract from tourism. Some tour operators and convention organizers fear that attendees would go to the casino instead of participating in the convention itself, Lightfoot added."

lol, what?

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