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Originally Posted by esquire View Post
^ It's funny how the Argos have been a mostly sad sack team for the last decade plus, yet they managed to eke out those two surprise Grey Cups in that timespan.


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Yeah, kind of bizarre. It seems like all they need to do is make it to the Grey Cup and they win. Mind you Calgary handed them their last Grey cup win, maybe it was an early Christmas gift lol.

Speaking of the Stamps. A win over the league's top team, it seems like they are getting in gear now that Bo Levi is back. I still think the Bombers are the best in the league, hopefully they can pull it out this year.

FWIW, the Argos, have won 5 grey Cups, since the Bombers last won a grey cup. I think Calgary has won 6 since then. The Bombers are due.
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