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Originally Posted by IanWatson View Post
Yeah, my understanding is that commercial leases can be quite long, so landlords prefer to hold out for the perfect tenant rather than get "stuck" with a suboptimal tenant.

Bishop is going to be great someday. The Governor is supposed to start next year, and then I think there are plans to retrofit 1360 Lower Water with a few extra floors and an exterior that's more suited to downtown rather than Clayton Park. Lower Bishop has been a construction zone for 4+ years now, and looks like it'll continue to be for a number of years to come. But it'll be worth it in the end.
It'd be great to see 1360 Lower Water do something at ground level aside from being a wall of brick. It'll be a crazy turnaround for Bishop to have the Governor in though - 10 years ago most of this block was a gravel lot.
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