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Originally Posted by eXodius View Post
If they really do add the trees up the side of the building, I'm sure they've been growing them or have some nursery in mind for when it's time to move them all (if that's what you mean). But I am excited to see these two new ones built as Hudson Yards will look even more like New York will be known for; modern skyscrapers to add to the best skyline in the world! Dubai's getting up there, too! 20 years went by and BAM! It's gonna be the start of the 2020s!
Its going to be interesting, the next decade. Manhattan in general, along with the outer boroughs on average have seen an increase in both development bulk and height. Pound for pound, we are seeing in Manhattan larger developments, and ones that are on average taller versus 10-20 years ago.

Were bound to see many, many more super talls. Given the demand, future demand outlook, and the price just to build, its a matter of financial necessity to build taller, and to extract as much usable square footage out of "X" parcel or assemblage.
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