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Originally Posted by IanWatson View Post
Funny, I was noticing the same thing this morning. I like this tile system a lot, but it doesn't lend itself well to material transitions. All along the sidewalk is quite jagged, and pieces are already broken. I think if I were to use this system on a building, I'd want a "skirt" of more traditional material, like brick or stone, to handle the ground-level issues.

Overall though this is a great building.
I agree. Something maybe a bit more solid for the ground level would have worked better. For me its the corners that don't line up that really bother me. Some have nice smooth 45 degree edges so the two tiles meet and create a nice corner, while others don't have the cut so you see right into the ceramic tile. If I was the developer I would order the contractors to fix that. It just looks shotty and rushed.
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