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Chinese Citys Dalliance With Super Tall
Published on 2007-10-17 by
Yet another super tall project in China, this time in the city of Dalian, has started, almost without any fanfare.

Dalian is a city few readers outside of China and Korea will have heard of. Despite this it has a population of about three million that has been a development zone since 1984 and is one of the main centres for China's north-east region.

The project called the Dalian Yujing Centre is a multi-tower development composed of is composed of 1x81 floor building 384 metres tall, 1x60 floor building and 3x43 floor buildings. The firm who has designed the scheme is the American NBBJ Architects.

At ground level several of the towers including the tallest ones have their own landscaped plazas with the center of the plot covered largely by a huge glass canopy that will connect the buildings together. Underneath will be an enormous five floors of basement parking.

Puncturing the sides of the main two towers are a series of atriums glazed in transparent glass running from only a few floors to ten levels high big enough to house sky gardens with mature trees inside them. They help to open up the interior of the design and animate it more than a solidly clad finish would.

Work has already begun on the construction of the project with excavation, not a small job due to the amount of earth that needs to be moved for the basement, well under way. If everything goes to plan then foundation work should begin before Christmas.[/QUOTE]