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Originally Posted by cbotnyse View Post
what does this mean? The Cubs are a baseball team. It shouldnt matter where they play. They should be more concerned about winning a title, then what field they play on. I guess this mentality explains why every game at Wrigley is half filled with tourists and trixies who could care less whats actually happening on the field.
I disagree. The Cubs are popular because of the whole Cubs experience, which is heavily dependent both on the ballpark and on the neighborhood (Wrigleyville). Any sports fan knows that this isn't a Cubs town because of the stellar product they put on the field year in year out. The Cubs sell an experience, not just a sports game, which is why teams playing in soulless stadiums surrounded by acres of parking (Blackhawks, ahem) get miserable attendance when they suck. Why bother going if the experience sucks and the game sucks? I still go to Cubs games occasionally (CWS fan, personally) but it ain't for the baseball.
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